It’s important to pay close attention to the soles of the tango shoes you plan on buying. The sole is the most overlooked part of a shoe as not many flip to look at its bottom. Many individuals are usually engrossed with the styling of the upper side of the shoe.

Well, I will make this easy for you. You only need to look for a sole made from suede or leather when shopping for a tango shoe. Suede or leather shoes allows you to dance the tango properly.

Keep in mind that you will be making numerous direction changes while dancing the tango and those changes will mostly involve sliding your feet across the ground. If you have a plastic or rubber sole, your shoe will unexpectedly grip the floor while dancing. Worst case, you may twist your knee and become sprained when you make a quick change, and your rubber soled shoe grips the ground.

Wearing a suede or leather sole show will keep your feet moving effortlessly across the flow. Your shoes will keep you safe, and your dance costume will move with the flow. Ultimately, you will enjoy tango dancing with the right shoe. Do not risk being injured by choosing a shoe with an inferior or wrong style.